Asset Collection Set 1

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Many people were asking for an asset collection for kit-bashing available for purchase. This is that product. Included .blend / .obj files. A psd/pdf showing the contents. For more information on how I use kitbashing check out my tutorial.

There are more assets than the one pictured and the image shown will be updated when I get a chance but take my word for it. Tons... of... stuff. This is literally all the things I have modelled on my quest to become a professional 3d artist during phase 1 and phase 2.

Usable in Blender/Zbrush/Maya anywhere OBJs are accepted. 

Also added were select Patreon rewards and the Subtractive Mesh Kit as shown here.

More stuff will be added randomly in the future to increase the value of this bargain. I hope you decide to pick it up!

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You get so much stuff!


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