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Hard Ops 00987 - Francium (#b3d)

909 ratings

This is an addon for Blender 3d.

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What is Hard Ops?

Hard Ops is a toolkit aimed at assisting users with everything from modelling to rendering. Hard Ops is optimized for usage in working full screen and with no UI. With tools ranging from boolean based cutting workflows to interactive mirroring, Hard Ops is aimed at assisting users at all aspects of the pipeline to ensure tools are always within a finger-press or click.

Through many collaborations with artists and coders all over the world Hard Ops brings a world class hard surface experience to Blender.

With the vast array of options you are guaranteed to be modelling faster than ever before with more efficiency and readiness to make art without a UI to weigh down the creative experience.

What does Hard Ops offer?

Hard Ops has tools and systems for the following modes:

Hard Ops goes beyond meshes with the ability to adjust and interact with:

With only the Q button. We even keep quick prefs in the Q menu for convenience and workflow versatility.

Hard Ops currently has but is not limited to:

We guarantee to have at least one tool or system you won't be able to live without. These reasons are why hardOps is the best-selling plugin for Blender and continues to evolve with each iteration. We are committed to ensuring we are providing users the most versatility and control in blender usage and problem solving. No matter if you are a brand new 3d beginner or a hardened professional looking to save on keystrokes, our tool can offer you the workflow enhancements to make the most out of your Blender experience. Our goal is to be useful to anyone of any modelling discipline.

Why did you make Hard Ops?

Initially I wanted to make a book however the functions started to get grouped in writing to make them easier and then it became apparent that could be coded into functions easier to write about. Hard Ops is the culmination of years of Hard Surface workflow condensed and expanded via collaboration with the larger community. As the tools expand the possibilities expand the processes rapidly become faster so hopefully if I do get back to that book I can discuss more technique and less program functionality.

Why is workflow so important to enhance?

Clicks add up. And mice and keyboards die. The longer users struggle with the PC the sooner you feel the pains of arthritis and RSS. By streamlining the workflow users can get results quicker with less keystrokes and spend less time destroying your hands with steps of processes.

How do you install it?

Installation page.

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Hard Ops 00987 - Francium (#b3d)

909 ratings
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