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LE: Hard Ops Pin (1st Run)

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LE: Hard Ops Pin (1st Run)

2 ratings

For a limited time. Introducing the Hard Ops pin.

Why pins?

Since I got the HOPS hat, I enjoy putting pins all over it to show my personality.

But there was one pin missing... our pin. Show the world your beveling pride with a Hard Ops pin.

Where can you pin it?

- pin it to your hat.

- pin it to your cat (plush cats only)

- pin it to your jacket

- pin it to your backpack

Show the world that you're a part of something with this Limited Stock Hard Ops pin. Maybe we'll expand into making a Hard Ops custom usb macropad!

What is it for?

Proceeds go to the usual. Foundation, improvements and team.

Does it come with anything?

- pin

- thank you card

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