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Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle (#b3d)

881 ratings

What is this? (vid)

This is an addon for Blender 3d.

This product contains both HardOps and Boxcutter in one easy to purchase bundle. The users tell the tale best.

hopsDocs / boxDocs

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hopsCutter is always being updated,

Free Updates

Updates come with the product. If you buy the tools updates are free.

And we update frequently to ensure our tools are at their best. Every update is an event. We take these products seriously and aim to keep them alive while providing first class service.

What is in here?

Please check their respective pages for details on the product.

As of now this bundle contains only the tools mentioned in the title.

What is the difference between Hard Ops and Boxcutter?

HardOps is a toolkit that encompasses more than just modelling. There are tools pertaining to rendering, mirroring, inserts and even sculpting tools. This is the core of my workflow in Blender and is recommended for anyone doing Hard Surface or just wants to use Blender much more efficiently.

Boxcutter is just a cutter. However, by just a cutter we mean this tool is focused on being the fastest and easy to use 3d view cut tool. If you love Hard Ops then Boxcutter is just another piece of the workflow. Drawing cuts and having real-time feedback is truly the next level of the workflow.

By design these tools work best together. But they are loved equally.

What if I already have these products?

Any duplicate purchases will go towards development, hiring random coders, and pizzas for homeless / disadvantaged CG artists. Not to mention helping fund Blender and improving the experience as a whole.

Our hope is to never stop attempting to improve upon ideas until everything is as streamlined as possible.We hope you choose our product.

Also fully compatible and enhances Kit-Ops!

Recommended tools:

UV Seams - Sergey Tyapkin

MeshMachine - Machin3

DecalMachine - Machin3

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Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle (#b3d)

881 ratings
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